Monetize your free wifi and collect customer data

Use Free wifi to collect customer data and build a customer loyalty program.

Looking for the perfect solution for a restaurant loyalty program? Every owner of a public place with certain amount of customers such as restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes and others might have already asked this question: When offering free WiFi to my customers, can I still make profit of it? Or can I collect my customers data such as email, name, gender? With Gorilla Wi-Fi the answer is definitely yes!

Build a Loyalty Funnel with Free Wi-Fi

With our exclusive Gorilla Wi-Fi Starter Kit offer, you can start providing WiFi and make profit of really easily. In addition, now you get a unique 80% discount on annual SOCIFI subscription and one access point for the super fast start. This will ensure a smooth way to reach your customers with your product or service. Or you can open your WiFi hotspot to third-party brands to display their advertising and monetize it. Doesn’t it sound great? 

Free WiFi with Gorilla Wi-Fi
We live in a world of mobile technologies that enable us every day to connect with our business partners, customers, friends and family. Wherever you are on the go. In restaurants, bars, cafes … We all want to be constantly online and that is exactly the moment you should take advantage of and provide a free WiFi to reach new and existing clients.

You are only a few clicks away from WiFi marketing!
To create an ad in Gorilla Wi-Fi Dashboard, you only need image and know what you want to promote.

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What benefits do I get with Social Wi-Fi?

New marketing space
Gorilla Wi-Fi solution is a great marketing tool to connect with In-Store Customers. Deliver information and purchasing opportunities in a fast, convenient way to smartphones, tablets or computers of consumers that are in (or close to) a retail presence.

Comprehensive insights
We give you the tools you need to provide insights that allow you to track, manage and optimize campaigns for optimum performance.

New revenue stream
Open your network, offer your media space to other advertisers and nearby business and make money. Gorilla Wi-Fi has unique media space that advertisers love.

And what’s great? Gorilla Wi-Fi is proven solution used by customers from USA, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

What do I get by purchasing the Starter Kit?

  • Fully setup Gorilla Wi-Fi hotspot for providing free WiFi. Just plug it in.
  • One year subscription of Gorilla Wi-Fi tariff for centralized management and performance monitoring
  • Opportunity seldom knocks twice. Take this limited offer that make your visitors and customers satisfied. It’s ready to go. Just 2 quick steps: 1) plug your new WiFi equipment in the socket 2) plug ethernet cable and let SOCIFI do the magic for you.

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    Would like more information about how to empower customers to choose between our traditional free ad sponsored internet connections, or high-speed premium connection for a fee.

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